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            The right Pool Cue can make a huge difference in your Billiard game.  If you are a professional, or even just an enthusiast, your Pool Cue may have cost you in the thousands of dollars.  That kind of investment should be treated with the utmost care and respect, and it is only reasonable that the quality of your Pool Cue should be matched by the thing that protects it:  Your Pool Cue Case.
            Your Pool Cue Case is not only an important way to keep your pool cue safe and free from scratches, dents, and damage.  That is it's function, but it can be so much more.  It can be an extension of your personality, a representation of who you are and what you stand for.  Whether you want it to be 100% leather with hand stitching and your monogram embossed on the side, or covered in stickers of your favorite bands or cartoon characters, your Pool Cue Case is an important way of expressing yourself. More about pool cue cases.

Pool balls & Table felt

           You may not realize it as you aim your pool ball for that perfect corner pocket shot, but you, my friend, are part of a long, illustrious tradition, a tradition that the very Kings of Europe made possible and that Americans tried to squish out of existence.
            Yes, I'm talking about Billiards.  You have probably never wondered how your favorite game came into existence, but it has been around longer than, say, America.  The first billiard type games were outdoor games, more similar to cricket, in existence by 1340.  The word Billiards derives from the French word billart or billete, which means 'stick'.  The first use of the word in reference to Billiards as a table game was in 1591.  Louis the XI loved billiards and Louis the XIV (the absolute monarch of France who had Versaille built) helped to popularize it among the nobility.  And yes, interestingly enough, billiards were Illegal in America for some time, and our Founding Father Thomas Jefferson had a Billiards room concealed in the dome of his house, Monticello.  More about pool balls.


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